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Your dreams need you !

Society - Don't care about it

Society plays a major role in our life. We start doing everything that pleases society without making sure if it makes us happy. The things we do are always measured on the benchmark of a label called society. My likes, dislikes, dreams, emotions are all intact to the society.
A dream which I should poses must be in terms of the disclaimer defined by the society.

A short story

I remember a moment when me and my friend had faced a fake job placement after college completion. We joined the company but found it fake. So there were many things before us now. But the first thing was what will the reaction of the society, the people
who have no concern with us but with our dreams. They might not be there if we fail but they will be there to talk about it, to make us realize that a blunder has happened to us.
The days were hard and we were depressed not because we were duped but what people will talk about it.
We went back for final project submission in our college and there we shared this with one of our best friend who was the next one to join the fake company.
His words were simple, why are you going back like this?. Search a new company, you have enough time. We have just submitted a project of final year.
A long way is there. After few minutes of silence, my friend who had joined the company with me said ,"What people will say?, we were so weak that we came back". I added, "I can hear many things but not this, that your son is back without getting a job".

At this, the third friend said, " See, this life is yours and only your parents should matter for you. No one else. Don't think of a third person or a society, they have nothing to do with you or your success or failures. They will never ever came to you in your failure to help you, to show some concern". Yes, they can come just to make you more weak".

I learnt something that day, Society doesn't matter. Truly no one has ever came to check if my school fee is pending. No one except my parents have enquired how I am travelling to college in hot summers. No one ever came to explain me what will be best for my future. No one needs the pay I will get and no one has paid anything for my education except my parents. So, it should be parents not the ones who can break me. I am here and have to prove myself only for my happiness, only for the happiness of my parents and siblings who can cry from heart if I fail in the subject called Life. For the ones, who are always there standing behind me without my notice just to check if I am on right track.

We returned to the city where we had got the job from fake company but it was not only to join the same organization and spoil our future. It was just to go and snatch the future that is hidden somewhere in that city.

Society should matter only if they can feel your dreams and emotions. Society should not be the guests of the show who laugh when you fumble. They should encourage you not discourage.

Life is yours, dreams are your. What matters is you only. Who will be effected by dreams and your actions is you only.

Go and achieve what is right, don't stop your self by thinking what people will say.

Don't let anyone else write the first chapter of your book. Be the writer yourself. Write a true story, don't let shadows stop the bright rays.

Focus, believe, Don't quit !!


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