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Martyrdom of Vadde Sahibzade

Kabir, I long to die; let me die at the lord's door
The two elder sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji "Sahibzada Ajeet Singh Ji and Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji" were 18 and 14 years old respectively when they achieved martyrdom at Chamkaur Sahib.
 Sahibzada Ajit Singh was born on 26th January 1687 at Paonta Sahib, he was named Ajit meaning invincible. He was initiated into Khalsa at the age of 12 with his family on the first Vaisakhi day, 13th April 1699. Sahibzada Jujhar Singh was born on 14th March 1691. He was the second son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Anandpur Sahib. He was also initiated into Khalsa on 13th April 1699.

After Guru Gobind Singh Ji left Anandpur Sahib on the night of December 5 and 6, they crossed the Sarsa river where the family got separated and two elder sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji along with Guru Gobind Singh and few Sikhs stopped at Chamkaur Sahib. Two younger sons of the Guru along with their grandmother got separated. 
When Guru Gobind Singh Ji with his…

Ten Must Things To Do in 2020

We are going to wake up in 2020 on Wednesday with parcels of resolutions and guarantees with ourselves and with others too. The life we have gone through until now was a great one, a life which we have created until now. The choices made within the year 2019 were fundamental at that time. So, do not be pitiful in case the past was imperfect. Learn lessons, get feedback from the past and execute the same in the new year. 10 things you must do at the beginning of 2020 to make it a happy and prosperous year:
1. Write a brief story about your previous year Get feedback from the previous year, implement the feedback in the present year. Write out the problems you had faced in 2019. Now write an encouraging story as an observer for yourself. You will get most of the answers to overcome the problems. Writing your own story and then rewriting it will move you out of your negative mindset and you will have a positive view of Life. "Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future".:O…

Your dreams need you !

Society - Don't care about it
Society plays a major role in our life. We start doing everything that pleases society without making sure if it makes us happy.The things we do are always measured on the benchmark of a label called society. My likes, dislikes, dreams, emotions are all intact to the society. A dream which I should poses must be in terms of the disclaimer defined by the society.

A short story
I remember a moment when me and my friend had faced a fake job placement after college completion. We joined the company but found it fake. So there were many things before us now. But the first thing was what will the reaction of the society, the people
who have no concern with us but with our dreams. They might not be there if we fail but they will be there to talk about it, to make us realize that a blunder has happened to us.
The days were hard and we were depressed not because we were duped but what people will talk about it. We went back for final project submission in our colleg…