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Have you Proposed yourself today?

Today according to Valentine's week, it is a propose day. So many of us will propose our sentiments to other people, we will attempt to make them happy and spread grins as well.

There is a question that took place in my mind. 
Have you proposed yourself to work on a strategy to make yourself happy, to fulfill your dreams and to come out of the stress in your life?.

Have you proposed an everyday schedule that you will follow for your happiness?. 
If you are happy then you can make others smile.

Have you proposed your self to love yourself first?

Understand your life, Talk to your soul, tune in to your cognizance. Propose something bravo. Work on the arrangement and stick to it until you accomplish your dreams.

What you can propose yourself.?

1. Own your Morning: Wake up right on time, Meditate, Read a book, Work on your priority task. Keep away from online life, messages, and so on during the early hours of the day.

2. Spend time with your loved ones: An incredible healer of stress is to be with your friends and family. Converse with them, tune in to their accounts too.

3. Act on life, if you don't act life has a habit of acting on you.

4. Value yourself: Appreciate the little objectives accomplished by you. It will support your confidence to accomplish greater objectives.

5. Don't sacrifice your happiness for others: Spread smiles, make others happy but be sure that you are not sacrificing your happiness for others. Because if you yourself are not happy then you will not be able to make others happy.

6. Return something to the community: you should have a habit of serving the people in need, show the right path to others. The day you will work on this will be the day you will be proud of yourself and your mind and body will be filled with happiness. 

Presently propose yourself a decent life, the genuine method to carry on with real existence, life loaded up with adoration for all.

I Propose myself a life to work on my dreams, I propose myself to work for happiness, I propose myself to make others smile and help them to discover their strength to achieve their dreams. 

Live Quality life! Your life is calling you. Spread smiles and make dreams true.✍️✌️


  1. Yes! 100 percent true fact....First love yourself... otherwise all thing are gone wrong way....😊

  2. Beautiful! You are so effortless with words, with simplest choices, your words and emotions are actually potent of eliciting a deep change in the readers and being one of the recipients of that precious change, let me tell you, there's no greater success than this!

    1. Thanks a lot Roopam. Your words are precious to me :)

  3. Well said,

    if you yourself are not happy then you will not be able to make others happy



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