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A New Morning

Own your morning.

A new morning is a new beginning for a perfect start.
Be a morning man or a woman, wake up early, stay away from social media for some time.
Meditate for 30 minutes in the morning, science has proved so does the religious scriptures that morning time is the best one for meditation as we can calm our mind in the morning better than any other time.

Start the most important day of your work after the meditation in the morning, If I say, it is writing then write a few pages in the morning. You will have the best results in it.

Fresh Mind is always more productive. Don't try to get caught in the memories of the imperfect past. The past was a book that has given you lessons to learn. You have to use those lessons now and pass the exam of life.

Smile and Smile while you take your first step out of bed. Smiling is also a good exercise for facial muscles and a great healer and positivity filler.

Read some pages of a book that inspires you. Reading is a good habit. You mu…